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Gifts By Commission (15 images)
Daria's Gift By Commisson

Gifts, objets d'art, and jewelry designed in precious metals as per your request

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Candle Bee Book Mark Fob Candle Tray Candle Snuffer Candle Snuffer Letter Opener Silver Gourd Open Gourd Silver Grasshopper Incense Stand Box with silver top Letter Opener Magnifying Glass Ring with Oval Crystal Servent Bell

Gifts in silver.  Candle Bee, rings with crystal, round candle tray, silver grasshoppers, boxes, gourds, bookmarks, candle snuffers.

Let your imagination create a gift, we can make it and you can give it from Prorganize

The above exclusive items were designed by and for an upscale specialty retailer.  Please contact us for more information




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