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New review Intel CPUs versus AMD Processors

Windows 8 Review

Our Review is short and why we don't like Windows 8.

Software as a Service and Cloud Computing advantages and disadvantages.  Review of software subscriptions.

New Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Review.  It gets better and better

NEW! 5 Minute video to get started quickly in Video Studio Pro

New:   Best Buy Return Policy Review 
We've just became aware that a government ID is now required for ALL Best Buy returns, refunds, adjustments and warranty service - You ID will be RECORDED in their 3rd party database
read our review

New:  Symantec Norton Internet Security Review, Norton 360 v4 Review, Norton Symantec Anti-Virus

Updated: Crystal Tech Review and PhotoImpact Review and Sony DRM CD copy protection / rootkit
New reviews - Adobe Photoshop Elements with Adobe Premiere Elements
New reviews - CorelDraw X6 with Corel Photo-Paint X6

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Index of Reviews on Prorganize


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